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With 17 years in the personal development industry, author DARREN HARDY has heard it all, read most of it and deciphered what works. Igniting the Compound Effect is a 12 week online training program to help you compound small, steady steps into big success.

Have you ever read a book, known that the principles in it were good for you, but did not follow through with your plan? Well we know how you feel, that is why we developed Igniting the Compound Effect, which is designed to immerse you in a program that will change that cycle of disappointment.

Are You The Tortoise or The Hare?

We've all heard Aesop's fairy tale about the tortoise and the hare. The boastful hare brags about his speed and agility and teasingly challenges the slow tortoise to a race to prove his superiority. The tortoise, confident of his strategy, agrees to the race and, eventually, beats the hare at his own game.

Igniting The Compound Effect is a 12-week online training program specifically designed to help you learn and implement the success principles found in The Compound Effect that have been known since the time of Aesop. If you are tired of trying the latest program or the next big thing and want a proven time tested path to success, then this program is for you. In a society that is filled with gimmicks and marketing hype that claim the hare wins by taking shortcuts, Igniting The Compound Effect sheds light on real success principles that when applied consistently lead to real success. No gimmicks, no hype, just real principles gleaned from the most successful people in the world paired with knowledge on how to apply them.

In Igniting The Compound Effect you will learn to avoid four major traps of failure, and three surefire ways to change success-robbing behavior into success-creating behavior. To learn more read the overview:

  • Stop Being Bamboozled
    Learn what successful people actually do, not the fake short cut ways we all know don't really work.
  • The Operating System
    Learn to create real change by examining your habits and gaining access to the tools and habits of 100's of the world's most successful people.
  • Small Choices Lead to Big Success... or Big Failure
    Darren will give you the tools and strategies that help shape your daily life one small step at a time until they lead to big successes.
  • The 4 Traps of Failure
    Learn about the traps that are waiting for you along the way and how to avoid them.
  • Will Power Doesn't Work
    Learn the habits of success, which lead to the power to achieve anything.
  • Game Changers
    Learn 5 ways to uproot bad habits, and 7 ways to install success habits.
  • Build Your Success System
    Learn to build your personal success system that will be your massive transformational formula.


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